Launches Addtronics Custom Automation, combined entity of Missouri Tooling & Automation and Dynamic Design Solutions

Machine Tending Systems

Utilizing automation in conjunction with presses, CNC machining, and injection mold machines to increase productivity, profitability, and uptime.

Dispensing and Filling

From adhesives to spray, ACA is the expert in your dispensing and filling applications. Partner with ACA for a solution that alleviates your pain points and has a quick payback.

Robot Repair, Parts, and Service

Whether it’s replacing or repairing a part in your robot system, our specially trained engineers are equipped to handle difficult robot services, provide parts and repairs, and perform preventative maintenance.

Controls System Integration

Enhancing operational efficiency by seamlessly integrating controls systems through the design, programming, and implementation of strategies that facilitate effective communication and interaction within the machinery.

Packaging Systems

Custom robotic solutions designed to complete packing processes at high speeds with superior reliability and accuracy.

Material Handling Systems

Material handling robots capable of transfers in a number of mission-critical tasks such as pick and place, palletizing, packaging, assembly, and more.

Featured Case Study

Dry Ingredients Envelope Packer

Dry Ingredients Envelope Packer

Challenge: One of our customers in the CPG Industry needed to automate their envelope packing process. Previously, they used a fully manual process with 6 operators which was costly and inefficient.

Solution: ACA designed and built a fully automated machine to assemble and inspect dry ingredients envelopes. The machine feeds, opens, fills, closes, and inspects envelopes, then assembles 3 packs with a header card and applies two staples before releasing to the packaging workers at a rate of 72 envelopes per minute.  A single operator keeps this machine fed while a pair of operators fold and fill boxes of 3 packs. 

The machine completes 72 envelopes/minute and saves our customer about $500,000 in labor costs per year for one product. The payback period for this machine was 1.51 years.

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Pick and Place Robotic Stacker
Dry Ingredients Envelope Packer
Gasket Feeder System
Cut to Length Cutting Station

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