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ACA specializes in assembly cells across our range of industries. Your company is unique, your product is unique, your process is unique. ACA is your partner to help you find custom solutions catered to your exact specifications and needs.

Common Applications:

  • Synchronous/Asynchronous
  • Rotary Dials
  • Fully Automated Cells
  • Semi-Automated Cells
  • Insert Assembly
  • Robotic Assembly
  • Dispensing
  • Bowl Feeding
  • Welding

Featured Case Study

Automotive Seat Sensor Assembly

Challenge: Overcome the risks of manual soldering of sensors which is inconsistent and leads to too much scrap material. Reduce manual labor to improve consistency in output, efficiency, and cost-savings. Automate serialization of parts.

Solution: A hybrid manufacturing system with 12 stations; 2 of them with manual operators. Main function is to assemble a sensor from raw parts- including programming, assembly, soldering, serialization, and 100% testing/failure analysis on each station. Machine maintains an extremely tight tolerance to ensure consistency, logs data, and locks the fixture so operators can't pull the parts out unless they are complete.

This machine increases the efficiency and consistency of output from 1 part every 30 seconds to 1 part every 8 seconds. Overall ~27% increase in efficiency.

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Video Gallery

Plastic Cap Inspection and Assembly Machine
Seat Sensor Assembly Machine
Busbar Assembly Machine
Piston Assembly

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