Launches Addtronics Custom Automation, combined entity of Missouri Tooling & Automation and Dynamic Design Solutions

Common Applications

  • Syringe and vial filling & capping
  • Volumetric and weigh filling
  • Laser marking
  • Cardiovascular applications
  • Pipette handling, sorting, and cutting Blister pack sorting, filling, sealing and inspection
  • Contact lens cutting, handling and inspection
  • Clean room experience: class 6,8,9 + more
  • Surgical instruments
    • Suture end prep
    • Surgical needle and suture assembly
    • Suture wrapping
    • Extrusion of suture material
    • Packaging lab equipment/wound care
  • Leak testing
  • IV bag inspection and automation systems
  • Assembly solutions, dispense applications
  • Inspection and testing applications
leak tester

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Our Value

ISO 9001 certified

ITAR compliant

Established partnerships with all major robotic & sensor companies

Extensive national network to provide localized service and support

75,000 sq.ft. of manufacturing facilities

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