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Dry Ingredients Envelope Packer

Challenge: One of our customers in the CPG Industry needed to automate their envelope packing process. Previously, they used a fully manual process with 6 operators which was costly and inefficient.

Solution: ACA designed and built a fully automated machine to assemble and inspect dry ingredients envelopes. The machine feeds, opens, fills, closes, and inspects envelopes, then assembles 3 packs with a header card and applies two staples before releasing to the packaging workers at a rate of 72 envelopes per minute.  A single operator keeps this machine fed while a pair of operators fold and fill boxes of 3 packs. 

The machine completes 72 envelopes/minute and saves our customer about $500,000 in labor costs per year for one product. The payback period for this machine was 1.51 years.


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Dry Ingredients Envelope Packer