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Robotic Literature Inserter

Challenge: One of our customers in the Pharmaceutical Industry needed to automate the process of inserting literature on a production line.

Solution: In this project, ACA helped to install a SCARA robot system to automatically place literature on a pharmaceutical production line. The station includes the robot, a top-loaded literature stack, and a frame that rolls up next to an existing conveyor.

Once the robot gets a signal that there is a stack of parts on the conveyor, a singulator stops the stack in a consistent location for proper handling. The robot then picks up a piece of literature and the top pack of parts from the stack on the conveyor, places the literature on top of the remaining stack, swings back and replaces the top pack on the stack of parts, and finally returns to the starting position over the literature magazine. The station also inspects the literature to verify it is the correct number literature. For this project, we provided:

  • Machine Design Services
  • Electrical and Controls Design
  • Machine Vision Development
  • Fabrication and Assembly
  • Validation Support