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Leak Tester - Injection Molded Parts

Challenge: Build stations that test the integrity of various injection molded parts.

Solution: This piece of Leak Test Equipment consists of two identical nests to hold the parts, two leak detectors and two vibrating pin markers. The operator opens a drawer to access the part nests and load the parts. The parts nest onto a post that seals off the larger tube port. Once the operator closes the drawer, a sensor signals the machine to start. A cylinder attached to the drawer holds the drawer closed. Two additional cylinders seal off the other ports on the part. These cylinders have through holes and tubes that are connected to the two leak testers.

The leak tester performs a pressure test to check for voids, short shots, and incomplete welds. Once the parts pass inspection, the markers stamp a Julian date code on each part. The cylinders then retract, and the drawer opens allowing the operator to unload the parts and reload for the next cycle.

The leak testers are Cincinnati Test Systems Sentinel C-20 model Pressure Decay Leak Test instruments. The pin-stamp marking machines are Mecco MC2000 marking systems including a 50x17 marking window with T-controller and Universal Configuration.

Controls include an Allen Bradley PLC for machine control. There is an E-stop button that removes any potential energy from the cell. Extruded aluminum guarding with Lexan or wire mesh panels protect the operator. A welded steel base with ground steel top plate has casters for mobility and floor locks for stability.

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Leak Tester for Injection Molded Parts