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Choosing the Right Pick & Place for Your Operation

September 1st, 2020

With any automated pick and place operation, ensure you are choosing the solution that fits your desired output and project scope. Between pneumatic, synchronous, robotic, and manual, there are many differentiating factors to consider. We have put together this chart that lists out the benefits and drawbacks of each. Other factors to consider that aren't listed here include the number of different parts to be handled, production volume, complexity, and accuracy required.

With manual operations, the operator is extremely flexible in handling any parts and is one of the least expensive options. On the other hand, one must consider possible accuracy issues, a slower cycle time, and general labor risks including safety and longevity. Pneumatic is less complex of an operation, however has inferior flexibility as it can only operate in one direction at a time. Synchronous is the least flexible but has one of the quickest cycle times. Lastly, robotics can be risky due to the considerable upfront cost and service required; however, it is faster, smoother, and more flexible than most other solutions.

When considering a pick and place solution, it is also important to choose the right level of automation for each task. Consider an investment in the right partner that will collaborate with your team in making these decisions and help you realize long-term improvements in your operation.

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