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3 Recommendations for a Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

September 28th, 2022

We work with leading manufacturing organizations to help them improve their production output by providing real time floor level data visualization and supporting that with a proven continuous improvement coaching system. Based on our experience with top global manufacturers, we have three recommendations that the most competitive manufacturers are using right now to help improve their business.

The first recommendation is getting real time visibility to your production floor by connecting your equipment and collecting the available data. You can't improve what you can't see. And most manufacturers are not able to even see the basic production and downtime information in real time. Implement a system that will connect directly to each piece of equipment. And we'll provide the real time visibility allowing you to make effective decisions.

Our second recommendation is to start small and understand your company's specific challenges, and then scale. Most projects that start at scale fail to deliver the results expected. This is mainly due to the organization's inability to manage the change that these systems require. Start with an individual line or machine so that you can understand what data you're going to have, what you're going to do with that data, and then most importantly, what your team will need to look like to support it.

A third recommendation is to find a solution provider that you can partner with to help you achieve success. Most manufacturing organizations are not built for the flood of information that real time data solutions can provide. The provider that partners with your team and links your success to theirs is the best way to achieve success in a digital transformation. Providers that include coaches to help your organization through the change management process will help you drive the best results.

As a company that's worked in manufacturing and specifically automation for over 25 years, these are our three recommendations to get connected and get real time visibility. Start small, understand your challenges, and then scale and find a partner that can coach you through your digital transformation.

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