Launches Addtronics Custom Automation, combined entity of Missouri Tooling & Automation and Dynamic Design Solutions

Shaft Inspection Machine

Challenge: Design and build inspection test equipment and stations that measure diameter, length and run out on round parts to 3 Microns resolution.

Solution: This machine consists of a head stock and tail stock with live centers to hold shafts between centers. The head stock is fixed on one end, and the tail stock slides on rails similar to a lathe. A pneumatic lock and press clamps the part between centers for inspection. The machine is loaded manually via an overhead hoist.

Keyence® LS-7070 micrometers are mounted on a pair of sliding inspection brackets to measure the length, diameter and run out of the body and journals of the shaft. The HMI and a series of laser pointers direct the operator to position the sensors and take measurements for each journal. The HMI displays the measurements and results of testing for the operator.

An industrial PC with touchscreen works with the PLC and HMI to allow the operator to change part types, display test results, and store results and part types in a database. Controls include an Allen Bradley PLC for machine control, along with the HMI and Industrial PC. The machine includes location-specific controls at each inspection point for ease of operation. Switches on the handles of each carriage improve ergonomics. Servo control of the headstock is optional for run out measurement.